Jaleesa Jones

The Credit Assist is the truth!!! Lauren is educated, experienced, humble, kind and patient. She wants to help you attain your goals with the quickness and help you move on to living your best life. Never met someone so encouraging and positive. This business will have you surpassing levels you didn’t ever think you’d be able to […]

Sophy Elie

Lauren is wonderful and produces great results. She’s understanding and always willing to answer any questions. I’ve always been weary about trusting my information but with her I have 100% confidence. She has helped my credit so much in less than 2 months and I can’t wait to see the final results.

Diana Kleckley

Lauren is the best , communication was the main key, she responded and kept me aware of everything she was doing. I immediately seen results from the work she put in. I would recommend her to anyone especially if you want a better life style for yourself.